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Diplomas and equivalences

Equivalence and recognition of diplomas 

There are several ways to have your studies and qualifications recognized. 

Correspondence of diplomas 

In order for Quebec employers to understand your résumé, you should mention the name of the equivalent Quebec diploma. Here is a diagram of the Quebec school system for your information.

Évaluation comparative des études 

This comparative evaluation is not an equivalence of diplomas, but rather a notice of correspondence between your diploma and the one to which it is equivalent in the Quebec school system. 

This assessment is not always required by employers, but it may be requested in some cases, for example, if you wish to apply for a job in the municipal, provincial or federal public service.  

Find out more about the processing times and costs involved in applying for a comparative evaluation for studies

Equivalence of diploma or training 

In some cases, particularly for trades governed by a professional order in Quebec, you will need to obtain recognition of equivalence of your original training or diploma. Each body is then responsible for carrying out its own evaluation according to its own criteria – contact the Conseil interprofessionnel du Québec for information. 


Skills recognition 

The Qualifications Québec portal will guide you for free, to the most relevant resources and services to have your training and skills recognized, regardless of where they were acquired. 


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