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World-renowned educational establishments, courses in French on North American-style campuses and a dynamic, welcoming city open to diversity.  

What are you waiting for? Come and study in Québec City! 

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Welcome to Québec City!

Did you know that in Québec City, we speak French?

To study, make friends or even find a job during your studies in Québec City, it is important to have a good command of the French language (intermediate or advanced level).

As it is never too late to start learning a language or to improve your skills, here are some interesting opportunities for online French courses, offered by our partners at reduced prices!

Improving your French skills will be an asset for you! And don’t forget that once you arrive, being fully immersed in a French environment will allow you to progress exponentially! 

Learn french

Québec First’s website provides all the resources you need to succeed in your project to study in Québec City. We put candidates in contact with Quebec educational establishments. Here is what you need to know: 

Don’t worry! When you arrive here, our team will still be there to support you. You’ll be able to sign up for all sorts of free networking, job search and other activities. Let’s keep in touch! 

Become an international student in Québec City! 

The educational establishments of the Québec City region extend a warm welcome to all those who wish to come here to complete a training program, whether it be for: 

  • trying the adventure of a study abroad session; 

  • carrying out a vocational retraining project; or 

  • training with the goal of finding a job in Québec City afterwards. 

Studying abroad is not just at university level! If you want to do technical or vocational training, you can do it here too! 

There are many fields of study to choose from! 

During your studies, you will have the opportunity to observe, interact and intervene with children of different ages in order to contribute to their physical, motor, emotional, intellectual and social development. You will also be able to plan and lead educational activities and work closely with parents, the team and the network. 

At the end of your CEGEP training, you could accumulate over 460 hours of experience.  

Some examples of jobs in teaching and early childhood education

Job  Hourly wage               Annual wage          Job outlook 
Administrator - post-secondary education        $41.03 to $68.71  $89,000  Good
Program Officer - Education Policy  $28.85 - $50.55  $72,000 Excellentes
Elementary/Secondary Teacher Assistant  $17.00 - $28.58  $40,000 Excellentes
School Information Consultant  $30.77 to $49.26  $67,000 Excellentes
College and vocational teacher  $22.25 to $52.66  $71,000 Good
University Professor and Lecturer  $24.73 to $75.00  $118,000 Good
Early Childhood Educator  $15.00 to $25.19  $30,000 Excellentes


** The masculine gender is used in this text only to simplify the form and facilitate reading. Job offers are open to both men and women.** 

Please note that this information may vary depending on your level of education, background, knowledge and the company you work for.

Vocational training allows you to learn a job in a concrete way. In a stimulating environment, you can acquire the “know-how”, the interpersonal skills, the knowledge and the skills necessary to practice a specialized job. Vocational training offers rapid access to the job market and will allow you to develop in a field that you are passionate about, in addition to ensuring your employability and becoming an important player in society. 

Vocational training contributes to technological development as well as the cultural and socio-economic growth of communities. Quebec's 28 vocational training centers offer more than 142 programs in over 21 fields of study.   

Some examples of jobs that require vocational training

Job Hourly wage                 Annual wage       Employment prospects
Construction helper and labourer  $16.25 to $35.27  $39,000  Excellent
Senior Manager - Construction, Production and Utilities         - $75,000  -
Carpenter  $21.20 to $40.29  $47,000  Excellent
Construction Contractor and Foreman  $21.50 to $47.41  $51,000  Good
Welder  $18.00 to $38.00  $44,000  Excellent
Computer Network Technician  $20.00 to $48.72  $58,000  Excellent
Accounting Clerk  $16.00 to $32.97  $41,000  Good


** The masculine gender is used in this text only to simplify the form and facilitate reading. Job offers are open to both men and women.** 

This information may vary depending on your education, background, knowledge and the company you work for.  

Information technology has become as indispensable as electricity and there are few daily activities in which IT does not play a part. It is an industry in constant flow with thousands of new jobs being created. In an economy increasingly influenced by new technologies, IT jobs generally offer good hiring prospects and very good employment conditions. Salaries are usually competitive and telecommuting is often possible! IT jobs/studies are often available everywhere in the world, but Quebec City stands out for several reasons, including security.  

To give you an idea of the field in Quebec, here are some figures that might interest you: 

  • There are currently close to 40,000 employees in this field in the Quebec City region, making it the 2nd largest IT hub in Quebec 
  • There are nearly 600,000 IT workers in the province of Quebec.

In the current demographic context in Quebec, a labour shortage is being felt in several sectors of activity. Nearly 40,000 employees left for retirement in 2022. 

The health and social services sector allows you to choose according to your interests: more than a hundred career opportunities are available to you! Many careers have a placement rate of over 90%! For more information, click here!  

Some examples of jobs in health and social services

Job  Hourly salary                 Annual salary        Job prospects 
Nursing Coordinator and Supervisor         $25.00 to $54.95  $82,000  Excellent
Health Care Manager  $26.00 to $65.93  $85,000  Excellent
Nurse  $24.25 to $45.22  $69,000  Excellent
Specialist Physician  - $138,000  Excellent
Pharmacist  $48.00 to $69.93  $111,000  Excellent
Beneficiary Attendant  $15.00 to $23.00  $37,000  Excellent


** The masculine generic is used in this text only to simplify the form and facilitate reading. Job offers are open to both men and women**. 

Please note that this information may vary depending on your level of education, your background, your knowledge and the private or public company you work for.  

Engineering is at the forefront of innovation and plays a crucial role in the development of society and the future. Whether you want to develop eco-friendly technologies, work on designing objects for space or robotic arms, be in the forestry or mechanical sector, there is a branch of engineering made for you.  

The engineering field is a sector with a very high placement rate! It will be possible for you to evolve in a field where you are sure to find a job and make a good salary. 

To give you an idea of the field in Quebec, here are some figures that might interest you: 

  • There are currently 7,000 employees in this field in the Quebec City area and 60,000 in the province of Quebec
  • There are more than 4 professionals in civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, and other engineering fields

Some examples of jobs in engineering

Job  Hourly salary               Annual salary        Job prospects 
Director of Engineering Services  $40.60 to $79.81  $100,000  Excellent
Computer Systems Manager  $38.97 to $74.18  $96,000  Excellent
Mechanical Engineer  $22.00 to $61.54  $79,000  Excellent
Engineer (Other)  $28.00 to $64.90  $71,000  Excellent
Civil Engineer  $26.67 to $60.44  $83,000  Excellent
Mathematician, Statistician and Actuary          $25.58 to $71.88  $83,000  Excellent


** The masculine gender is used in this text only to simplify the form and facilitate reading. Job offers are open to both men and women.** 

Please note that this information may vary depending on your level of education, your background, your knowledge and the company you work for.

Explore your study options in Québec City!

To begin, create a profile on our platform Mon compte Québec en tête. Then, apply to one or more study programs offered by educational establishments according to the fields and programs that interest you. 

If your application is successful, you will be contacted directly by members of the establishment! 

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Recruitment initiatives

Study levels 

First, find out what study level is best suited to your project.  

  • Vocational or technical training; 

  • College training; 

  • University studies: undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) or graduate (master’s degree or Ph.D.); 

  • Research project (student researcher). 

See comparative tables of studies

Diplomas and equivalences 

To start on the right foot, make sure you understand the Quebec school system. 

You may also need information on diploma equivalences between different countries and the Quebec government. 

More details

12 years of study at age 18 

In Quebec, years of study (grades) are counted from the first year of elementary school (when children are about 6–7 years old). 

So, don’t be surprised if they ask you for 12 years of study to enroll in technical studies, for example. 

Work during your studies 

In Quebec, international students have the right to work: 

  • Up to 20 hours per week during their school weeks;  

  • Full time (max 40 hrs/week) during the school holidays indicated on the school’s calendar. 

There are also many opportunities for paid internships and work-study programs. 

Please note: In order to work in Canada, you must obtain a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SIN). This must also be specified on your study permit. 

Work after your studies 

After graduating from a designated learning institution, you may be eligible for a post-graduation work permit to work temporarily in Canada. 

  • If you have taken online courses, they will be calculated within the validity period of your post-graduation work permit. 

  • The validity of your post-graduation work permit depends on the duration of your program(s) of study. 

  • Your passport must be valid for the entire period you are eligible for the post-graduation work permit. 

Support from Québec First 

We are aware that coming to study in Quebec is an important decision that comes with its share of stress. Our team is here to support you and help make your experience unforgettable! We can help you with:  

  • learning more about the courses and the region you have chosen; 

  • getting in touch with educational establishments to validate your study project; 

  • completing your administrative and immigration procedures once you arrive in Quebec, or we will refer you to people who can support you; 

  • supporting your spouse and family or referring them to the right resources when they arrive in Quebec. 

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Why study in Québec City 

Quebecers are known for being welcoming and open to diversity. Many people from all over the world come to study here every year. The region also provides a safe environment for everyone. During your classes, sports activities or outings with friends, you will be able to meet people from different backgrounds. This in itself is such an enriching experience! But if that’s not enough to convince you, here are some more arguments: 

The reasons

A practical education focused on the labour market

Quebec educational establishments are recognized worldwide for the quality of their teaching. The collaborative approach between professors and students, as well as the practice-oriented pedagogy will allow you to be well prepared for the labour market. 

A real appreciation of vocational and technical studies

With the great need for manpower in Quebec, businesses are always looking for new talent to fill their teams. Taking a vocational or technical training course increases your chances of finding a job once you graduate, and often at a good salary! 

Open and mutually enriching discussions with teachers

The teachers here are always open to discussions with their students to enhance the learning process. They are aware that each individual has a different background and that even as a teacher, it is still possible to learn new things! 

Internationally recognized diplomas

Studying in Quebec can open many doors for you on the labour market because your studies are recognized internationally. Many Quebec educational establishments are recognized internationally and some even are affiliated with major research centres. 

The largest French-speaking community in North America

As the only French-speaking province in North America, Quebec will charm you not only with its French roots, but also with its unique architectural landscape, European style, local artisan stores, and its stone houses with multicoloured roofs! 

So, what are you waiting for? Start your process now by creating your profile on Mon compte Québec en tête!


Would you like to come and live in the beautiful city of Québec or its surroundings? Tell us if you would like to come to study or work there and we will send you relevant information related to your immigration project!