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Entrepreneurship in Quebec

Doing business in Québec City  

With over 20 years of continuous economic growth, strong industrial diversity, an innovative business ecosystem and an environment that supports entrepreneurship, Québec City has everything to support your business ambitions! 

Come and make your innovative ideas shine! 

Become a part of the family! 

Québec City and its surroundings are a unique business environment with collaboration as part of its DNA! We can help you meet your business and personal goals! 

To help you integrate into Québec City’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, we offer you our full support: 

  • A personalized analysis of your project; 
  • The planning of your first prospection trips to Québec City to meet potential clients or visit businesses you may be interested in acquiring; 
  • Meetings with strategic partners who can give you tons of information to make your project come true and facilitate your efforts. 

In summary, we offer personalized support to facilitate your immigration and business plans! 

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Lots of opportunities! 

Québec City and its surroundings offer a whole world of opportunity! The region offers all the commodities of big cities, without the downsides. This is a region of high knowledge with cutting edge infrastructure where we celebrate the quality of life, value creativity and support innovation to build a future that everyone can enjoy. 

Here, we help businesses thrive, and we are proud of it! 

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Would you like to come and live in the beautiful city of Québec or its surroundings? Tell us if you would like to come to study or work there and we will send you relevant information related to your immigration project!