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We speak French here!

French is the official language of Quebec. If you plan to live here, learning to speak French will be essential to your integration. However, you should know that Quebec French has its own peculiarities and expressions and has many local or regional varieties. The Quebec French accent has its own beauty that you will learn to love!  

Because of its proximity to the English-speaking provinces of Canada and the United States, the English language is also present in Quebec, but French remains the language of public institutions and the language used at work, in education, in communications, in shops and for business. 

Here, life is punctuated by the four seasons

In Quebec, you experience the four seasons of the year to the fullest! What does that mean? You can enjoy the long, sunny days of summer, admire the beautiful fall colours, learn to live with the sub-zero temperatures of the harsh Quebec winter, and enjoy spring with its beautiful flowers! 

Over the years, Quebec’s climate has been tamed by Quebec inventors. In fact, thanks to a clever mix of joie de vivre and technology, Quebecers are able to get through summer and winter with perfect control of the weather (Quebec has one of the best snow removal systems in the world). 

A booming economy 

Québec City is the second-most important economic hub in the province and the seventh in Canada. Québec City’s economy is booming and many fields are in need of human resources. Québec City has the lowest unemployment rate among the major Canadian regions (4.2% in june 2023). 

To learn more about the booming economy in Québec City and its metropolitan region, check out the Working in Québec City section. 

You’re welcome! 

In Quebec, you’ll feel at home! 

Quebecers are very friendly, welcoming and create a sense of community. They like to surround themselves with people they like, to share a nice meal or simply to chat over a drink or a coffee. Don’t be surprised if they ask you questions about your culture and country. They are curious to learn more about the people who choose their province to build their lives. 

Quebecers are also very respectful even in conflict and will always choose respectful expressions that indicate a willingness to use politically correct language. 


Would you like to come and live in the beautiful city of Québec or its surroundings? Tell us if you would like to come to study or work there and we will send you relevant information related to your immigration project!