Services for immigrants

Many services for immigrants to Quebec City are available upon your arrival!

Permanent residents

A number of organizations, associations and institutions in Quebec City offer services geared towards immigrants. They will help you to take part in your new community’s social, cultural and economic life. They also attend to immigrants’ needs in the following areas:

  • Welcome services
  • Access to housing
  • French-language training
  • Support for families
  • Employment assistance
  • Job placement
  • Access to recreation activities

Be sure to take advantage of these services!

Consult the list of services for immigrants in Quebec City

Temporary workers

Temporary workers’ needs are also taken into account. Services specially adapted to their situation are also available.

Personalized meetings

Are you in Quebec City and have a temporary work permit? Are you a spouse with an open permit or have a WHP? Did you know that you have access to a personalized meeting with an employability specialist in the region of Quebec?

Le SOIT  offers you a time to meet on job search, resume and interview selection.

If you are in the region of Portneuf: Contact Mr Alain Blanchette from Accès Travail de Portneuf.

If you are in the region of Charlevoix : Contact Mr Patrick Reduron from L’Appui Inc