In Quebec City and the surrounding region, French is the predominant language of conversation. Quebecers are known for their friendliness, conviviality and respect for diversity.

Use of the French language


French is the official language of Quebec. The French spoken in Quebec has a number of unique features and expressions, as well as a number of local and regional variations. Since Quebec is geographically surrounded by English-speaking areas, English is very present, although French remains the language of instruction in the public school system and the normal day-to-day language of work, post-secondary education, communications, trade and business.

Quebec’s climate

The rigours of Quebec’s climate, with its sharp and exciting contrasts, have been tempered by Quebec inventors. Thanks to a fortunate blend of joie de vivre and technology, Quebecers have no problem dealing with inclement weather in winter or summer (e.g. Quebec City has one of the world’s finest snow-removal systems).

Booming economy

Quebec City is the second largest economic hub in the province of Quebec and the seventh largest in Canada. Since 2000, almost 66,100 jobs have been created. Quebec City’s economy is thriving, while a number of sectors are looking to hire workers.

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Making friends

Quebecois are very convivial and social. They love to spend time with their favourite people while sharing a good meal or having a chat over a drink or a cup of coffee. Quebec is internationally renowned for its wonderful ciders (an apple-based alcoholic beverage), as well as for its artisanal beers and gourmet cheeses, to name but a few delicious local products!

Mutual respect

Unlike some other parts of the world, entrepreneurs in Quebec have a shared system of strong values, encompassing a unique lifestyle and way of thinking. Quebecers are very respectful of others, even in conflict situations, and always choose respectful ways of expressing themselves, including the deliberate use of politically correct language.

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