Living in Quebec City

In addition to its beauty, Quebec City offers an unbeatable quality of life for newcomers.

City and nature in perfect harmony

Quebec City and the surrounding region are bordered by the majestic St. Lawrence River, one of North America’s most important waterways. Home to 765,706 people, the metropolitan region also has dozens of smaller rivers. Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec.

The Quebec City region is located in the southeastern corner of the province of Quebec, close to the US border. It is characterized by luxuriant mixed Laurentian forests and a large number of lakes and mountains—an ideal environment for getaways and outdoor recreational activities (e.g. hiking, skiing, cycling, snowmobiling, boating, hunting, fishing, dogsledding, etc.).

Quebec City was founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain. At its heart is Old Quebec City (also know as Vieux-Québec), the only fortified urban district in North America and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The streets of Quebec City are steeped in 400 years of history. They are also graced by a unique multifaceted architectural environment. Walking past the tall stone houses and their multi-coloured roofs is a fascinating experience!

Quebec City: a unique and safe place to live

Quebec City and the surrounding region are known for being safe places to live. Quebec City has one of the lowest crime rates in North America and was also named the safest metropolitan area in Canada to raise children.

With its blend of history, modernity, culture and nature, Quebec City is a reflection of the people who live here. Safe, dynamic, innovative, hospitable and lively, it has a robust economy and offers outstanding quality of life, with a non-stop parade of festivals and major events throughout the year. More than just a vibrant urban centre, Quebec City is a place where all family members can find fulfilling roles to play. Leaving your homeland for a new country is a difficult and life-changing decision—so choosing a healthy and safe place to live where everyone has a chance to grow is a priority.

Ranked as the second largest municipality in the province, Quebec City is divided into six boroughs (known as arrondissements). Each one has a unique style and offers a distinctive environment with specific socio-demographic characteristics. Although they differ, the boroughs offer a diversified range of services designed to meet local residents’ diverging needs.

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Living in Quebec City