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Opening an account before your arrival

Desjardins, the first financial cooperative group in North America

We are proud to have Desjardins as a partner and collaborator, especially since Desjardins offers personalized support for immigrants:

•    Desjardins allows you to open an account before your arrival.
•    If offers conferences specifically designed for newcomers on important subjects surrounding the Canadian financial system. 

Whether you are settling permanently or temporarily, Desjardins offers unique and personalized coaching to help you along your journey with advice, services and products that fit your needs. 

Even before you arrive in Canada, Desjardins’s multilingual team can provide guidance regarding your financial planning and allow you to submit an application to open an account online from abroad.

After opening an account, you can transfer funds to your Desjardins account* even before you leave, and access it quickly upon your arrival.

Desjardins, your ally for realizing your projects in Canada!

* Visit for all the details, or contact an advisor to check if you are eligible for this offer.

Welcome offer

Discover Desjardins’s welcome offer, designed specifically for recent and future newcomers like you!

A successful arrival does not just magically happen!


Discover the inspiring stories of newcomers and learn more about the type of support offered by Desjardins at every step of this major life project.

Claire’s testimonial

As she is settling in Quebec, Claire expands her horizons and feels like anything is possible. Throughout her process, Desjardins’s personalized support and advice contribute to her success. This will lead to the creation of a business that is a reflection of herself and her new world.


Christophe’s testimonial

Although France and Quebec share French as their first language, Christophe is faced with many differences when he arrives in Canada. Desjardins’s personalized support and advice for newcomers will help him understand Canada’s financial system. 

Sedera’s testimonial

Sedera left Madagascar alone and arrived in Quebec, where Desjardins’s personalized support and advice for newcomers help him settle into his new life. This way, his wife and children will be able to join him shortly in Canada to experience this new beginning with him.


Dánae’s testimonial

Coming from Mexico with the promise of a job in the video game industry, Dánae also joins her lover with whom she hoped to live in Canada. Impressed by her employer’s efficiency in facilitating her arrival, she also discovers that Desjardins is a trusted ally for newcomers.


Would you like to come and live in the beautiful city of Québec or its surroundings? Tell us if you would like to come to study or work there and we will send you relevant information related to your immigration project!