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Go on an adventure in Quebec City and its surroundings!

Enhancing your studies with an international experience is an excellent way to distinguish yourself and to have an asset in your job search after your studies. However, in order for this project to be enjoyable and enriching, it is important to choose the right place to study, which will also become a new living space throughout one's studies and sometimes even for the future.
The region of Quebec, Canada, can boast of offering international students an exceptional environment, allowing them to progress in their studies, but also in their personal development. 

Discover, below, the main reasons why Quebec City and its surroundings are a great place to live and study!

An excellent education system recognized worldwide
Quebec's educational institutions are recognized around the world for their quality of education and research. In fact, Quebec City is ranked 4th among the best cities in the world to study*. The support offered, the up-to-date curricula with the most recent discoveries, the teaching focused on the job market and a dynamic student life are among its main assets. In addition, the degrees issued are recognized in many countries.

A wide variety of institutions, fields and levels of study
Quebec has a unique education system, where various levels of study complement each other, including several professional and technical programs. Thus, a wide range of sectors are covered, and specializations are offered. Finding specific training for the trade that interests you is therefore simple. This specialization also allows you to focus on the aspects you are most passionate about in your future job.

A more international experience than ever
To date, Quebec has welcomed close to 80,000 international students from around the world. This wide variety of backgrounds and profiles allows you to discover not only Quebec culture, but also that of many other countries. In addition, there are several international student groups that provide opportunities for exchange and support. 

Learn while working, work while learning
Many programs and study permits offer international students opportunities to work during their studies. This way, you can apply what you've learned, get work experience while you're studying, and - not least - supplement your income! Many employers offer student-friendly jobs with adjusted schedules and reduced hours during exam periods.

North American-style campus life
College campuses in the Quebec City area are full of activities and sports facilities that are accessible to all students. They are often offered at low cost so that you can fully enjoy student life. Also, many educational institutions have sports teams in different sports that can be practiced in parallel with your studies. Whether your sport is Basketball, Football, Hockey, American Football or others, you will definitely find your place and be able to proudly represent your school! It is also a good way to meet other students who share your interest in sports.


Would you like to come and live in the beautiful city of Québec or its surroundings? Tell us if you would like to come to study or work there and we will send you relevant information related to your immigration project!