Québec recruits worldwide

Online Interviews from October 5 to 9, 2020

Achieve Your Project of Working in Québec City, Canada!

No matter where you are in the world, take part in our online recruitment days to find a quality job in Québec City or its surroundings. 

It Is Very Easy!

Registration is 100% free for candidates.  

  • Starting on August 15: Check out the job offers posted here. 
  • From August 15 to September 14: Create your profile on Mon Compte QuébecEnTête and apply for the jobs you want. 

Here is a tutorial on how to set up your profile and apply for jobs.  

Please note: You must complete your profile in French. 

  • During the week of September 28: If your profile was selected, you will receive one or several emails inviting you to a job interview. 
  • From October 5 to 9: The interviews will be held online, through Skype, directly with the business representatives. 

Freshen Up Your Résumé!

You must complete both your profile and résumé in French. 

Watch this video on how to create your Quebec-style résumé: Comment concevoir un CV ? 

Please note:  

You can apply for more than one job based on your profile and professional experience but you may only apply once per employer.

Let’s Keep in Touch!

If you don’t find any jobs that match your profile in the job offers section, you can still set up your profile by clicking here. Your profile will be saved in our database for the future.  

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How to Prepare for an Online Job Interview

  • Prepare your application: Make sure that you have a good understanding of the job offer. Review your profile to tailor it to the position. Complete your profile in French. 
  • Practice and perfect your French before the interview: If necessary, learn the specific vocabulary relevant to the employer’s sector.  
  • Plan your projectLearn about Québec City and its surroundings. Visit the employer’s website and be ready to answer questions. 
  • Prepare your online interviewReserve an appropriate amount of time and choose a space without any noise or disruptions that may interfere with your interview. Make sure you have a good Internet connection. Choose a neutral, well-lit background. 

Good luck to everyone!