Learn french

Learning French before you leave is a smart (and careful) way to prepare for your future!

The province of Quebec is home to nearly 7.8 million people; most of them (80%) speak French as their first language. In addition to having official legal status, French is used in public life, the workplace, business, education, commerce and culture. If you've decided to live and work in Quebec, you should learn French to ensure your successful integration, not only in professional terms but also within Quebec society as a whole. 

Before you leave your country of origin

A number of Alliances Françaises and certain institutes outside Quebec have entered into agreements with Quebec's Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) enabling individuals who wish to immigrate to Quebec to learn or improve their French and to discover Quebec-related content developed specifically for this clientele. Under certain conditions, individuals who have been issued a Quebec selection certificate (CSQ) may be reimbursed for a portion of the fees paid for French courses taken prior to leaving their country of origin.

For further information: http://www.immigration-quebec.gouv.qc.ca/en/french-language/country-departure/index.html

A series of online tools is also available for students of French:

Francisation en ligne (FEL): These courses are reserved for individuals over 16 years of age who have been issued a Quebec selection certificate (CSQ): www.francisationenligne.gouv.qc.ca

Once you've arrived

Once you've arrived in Quebec, you may need to work on your oral and written comprehension and expression. The Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI) and its partner organizations and training institutions have developed an extensive series of French courses. Discover what resources are available in the Quebec City region by consulting the Guide de service à l’intention des nouveaux arrivants et leur famille (Service Guide for Newcomers and their Families).