Degrees/diplomas and equivalency

To ensure a simple and successful relocation, the Quebec government has implemented various degree equivalency systems.

Degree/diploma equivalency

To ensure that employers fully understand your background, your résumé should mention the name of the Quebec degree/diploma corresponding most closely to the credentials you obtained in your country of origin. For reference purposes, a diagram of Quebec's school system is provided at the bottom of this page.

Comparative education evaluation

To obtain an attestation confirming the equivalency of the degree/diploma issued in your country of origin and the equivalent in Quebec’s education system, you should submit an application for a comparative education evaluation (évaluation comparative des études/ECD).

Please note that this evaluation does not provide official equivalency; it is only an opinion. It is not always required by employers, but may be requested in certain cases (e.g., if you wish to apply for a civil service job at the municipal, provincial or federal levels). For further information on the ECD, processing times and application fees, click here.

Degree/training equivalency

In some cases, you may need to have the equivalency of your original training or degree recognized, e.g. for certain activities overseen by a professional order. Each body uses its own evaluation criteria. Find out more from the Quebec Interprofessional Council (CIQ).

Quebec’s education system

Quebec’s education system