Vocational education

In recent years, the province of Quebec has seen growing demand for workers in various fields, particularly the specialized vocational trades. You can meet this demand by pursuing vocational training—and the salaries are often impressive!

A total of 170 vocational training programs are offered in 21 different fields. These programs prepare graduates to work in the specialized or semi-specialized trades. In certain cases, however, holders of a vocational studies diploma (diplôme d’études professionnelles/DEP) can pursue studies at the college level. Vocational training leads to one of the following diplomas: the vocational studies diploma (diplôme d’études professionnelles/DEP), the professional specialization attestation (attestation de spécialisation professionnelle/ASP) or the vocational training attestation (attestation de formation professionnelle/AFP).

Vocational studies diploma (diplôme d’études professionnelles/DEP)

  • On average, this diploma program runs for 900-1,800 hours (one-and-a-half years).
  • The program of studies leading to the DEP begins after the third, fourth or fifth year of secondary school (equivalent to Grades 9-11), depending on the program requirements.

Professional specialization attestation (attestation de spécialisation professionnelle/ASP)

  • The ASP is awarded upon successful completion of a 6-to-12-month training program.
  • Approximately 50 programs for DEP holders in various fields lead to this diploma.

Vocational training attestation (attestation de formation professionnelle/AFP)

  • The AFP is awarded upon successful completion of up to 900 hours of training (one year).
  • Students enter this program after completing their second year of secondary school. The practical training component takes place in a private company. Graduates are ready to work in a semi-specialized trade.

Vocational training centres (CFPs) in Quebec City and the surrounding area

Public institutions

  • Eastern Quebec Learning Centre (Centre de formation Eastern Quebec)
  • Duchesnay School of Forestry and Wood Technology (École de foresterie et de technologie du bois de Duchesnay)
  • Limoilou Vocational Training Centre (CFP)
  • Neufchâtel Vocational Training Centre (CFP)
  • Capitale Entrepreneur – Quebec City School Board (Commission scolaire de la Capitale)
  • EMOICQ Vocational Training Centre (CFP)
  • Quebec City Vocational Training Centre (CFP)
  • Wilbrod-Bherer Vocational Training Centre (CFP)
  • Quebec City School of Hotel Management (EHC)
  • Marie Rollet Vocational Training Centre (CFP)
  • Maurice Barbeau Vocational Training Centre (CFP)
  • Fierbourg Vocational Training Centre (CFP)
  • Samuel de Champlain Centre
  • Charlesbourg Transportation Training Centre (CFTC)
  • Heavy Vehicle Mechanics Training Centre (CFMVL)
  • National Centre for Construction Machine Operation (CNCEC)
  • Lévis Vocational Training Centre (CFP)
  • Gabriel Rousseau Vocational Training Centre (CFP)

Private institutions

  • Aviron Quebec Technical College
  • Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy
  • CDI College of Administration, Technology and Healthcare
  • Quebec City National School of Trucking and Heavy Equipment (ENCEL)