Québec recruits students around the world

Online Interviews from October 19 to 23, 2020

Achieve Your Project of Studying in Québec City, Canada!

Achieve Your Project of Studying in Québec City, Canada! 

No matter where you are in the world, take part in our online student recruitment days to pursue technical or professional studies in Québec City or its surroundings. Interviews will be held from October 19 to 23. 



Registration closes on September 14, 2020. 

The entire process will be in French. Click here to learn more and register. 


Please note: Some programs are offered as part of a joint recruitment program, i.e. they are offered in collaboration with businesses looking to hire students during their studies. This means that upon your arrival in Canada, you may be able to work part-time during your studies, and full-time once you finish your program, in accordance with applicable immigration laws (click here to learn more). 

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About Québec International

Québec International (QI) is the economic development agency for Québec City and its surroundings. Since 2008, we have been fostering the region’s economic development by organizing recruitment days all over the world to recruit students and qualified workers who wish to live in Québec City or its surroundings, here in Canada. Our organization is supported by the City of Québec, the Government of Quebec and the Government of Canada.