College education

One of the unique features of Quebec’s education system is the network of junior colleges (CEGEPs) serving as a bridge between secondary and university-level studies.

College-level education is primarily offered in the public system via a network of general and vocational colleges (collèges d’enseignement général et professionnel/CEGEPs). In the private sector, a variety of colleges, institutes and conservatories also offer college-level training.

If you decide to pursue college-level training, you have two options:

1. Complete a two-year pre-university program leading to university studies.

2. Complete a three-year technical studies program leading to the labour market. Program graduates may work as police officers, childcare educators, nurses, office automation technicians, etc.

You can also obtain a college studies attestation (attestation d’études collégiales/AEC) upon completion of a technical training program (ranging in duration from 330 to 1,350 hours) leading to the labour market.

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To learn more about colleges in Quebec, visit: Les cégeps du Québec, the only website where you search out all college degree programs offered to international students! Also, check the section Preparing your stay to find out all the steps to follow after being admitted to a college.

Colleges in Quebec City

Various institutions offer college programs in Quebec City.

Private francophone colleges

  • Aviron Quebec College
  • Bart College
  • CDI College
  • Collège d’enseignement en immobilier (real estate studies)
  • O’Sullivan College of Quebec City (francophone campus)
  • Merici College
  • Quebec City College of Radio and Television (CRTQ)
  • Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy
  • Stanislas College
  • Quebec City School of Dance (LEDQ)

Private anglophone college

  • O’Sullivan College of Quebec City

Public francophone colleges (CEGEPs)

  • François-Xavier Garneau College
  • Limoilou CEGEP
  • Sainte Foy CEGEP
  • Lévis-Lauzon CEGEP

Public anglophone college (CEGEP)

  • Champlain-St. Lawrence CEGEP