Study permits

Study permits enable foreign students to pursue their education within Quebec’s internationally renowned education system.

If you would like to study in Quebec at the college level or higher, you will need:

  • An admission letter from a recognized education institution.
  • A Quebec acceptance certificate (CAQ) for your program of studies issued by the Quebec government.
  • A study permit issued by the Canadian government.

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Please note: You may a need a temporary resident visa to be admitted into Canada, depending on your country of origin.

Applications for a Quebec acceptance certificate (CAQ) must be submitted in Quebec, even if the candidate is abroad. Applications for study permits must be submitted to a visa office outside Canada, unless the prospective student is already in Canada (e.g. as a foreign worker). The application is then processed by the Visa Application Centre (VAC). Online applications are strongly recommended.

Would you like to study in Quebec for 6 months or less?

If you are thinking about enrolling in a short-term program of studies (six months or less) in Quebec, you can register with any educational institution (whether designated or not); a study permit is not required. 

Important note: If you plan to enrol in an additional course of studies following the completion of the initial six months, you will require a study permit.

Would you like to work during your program of studies?

Study permit holders enrolled in a technical, university or vocational training program on a full-time basis in a designated educational institution are authorized to:

  • Work off campus even if they do not hold a work permit.
  • Work off campus up to 20 hours per week during the regular academic term and full-time during scheduled breaks in the academic year.
  • Work off campus as soon as they have arrived in Canada.

Nevertheless, in order to work in the country, you must obtain a social insurance number (SIN) from Service Canada.

In addition, various options are available once you have completed your studies, including applying for a post-graduation work permit, which authorizes you to work for a variable length of time, depending on the duration of your previous studies in Canada.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Spouses of foreign students can apply for an "open" work permit, i.e. without having a specific employer sponsor. Please refer to the "Visas and immigration/working temporarily/spouses or common-law spouses" page on the website of the Canadian visa office closest to you.

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