Applications submitted abroad

You do not have to wait to arrive in Canada to begin the process of becoming a permanent resident. A number of steps can be completed before you depart.

Obtaining permanent resident status under the economic immigration category: skilled workers

You are advised to complete a preliminary immigration evaluation (évaluation préliminaire d’immigration/EPI) to evaluate your chances of being selected by Quebec. The results are anonymous, immediate and free of charge; however, they are not official since it is only a preliminary evaluation.

Step 1: Quebec selection certificate (CSQ)

The selection factors to be eligible for the skilled worker immigration program are as follows:

  • Training, level of education and field of training.
  • Professional experience.
  • Age.
  • Knowledge of French and English.
  • Previous time spent in Quebec and your kinship with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Quebec.
  • The background of the spouse accompanying you (as applicable).
  • Financial autonomy (you are required to sign a contract under which you undertake to provide for your and your family’s needs for at least the first three months following your arrival in Quebec).

Forms for step 1

Step 2: Permanent resident

Once your Quebec selection certificate has been issued, Citizenship and Immigration Canada will verify your identity. The federal authorities will also ensure that your state of health or criminal record do not represent a security risk for the country.

Medical exam

Your visa bureau will schedule a date for your medical exam. You will be provided with instructions and medical forms. Only those individuals whose names appear on the list of doctors designated by Canada are authorized to conduct the exam.

Criminal record and security checks

A police certificate is required for you and each member of your family aged 18 or older for each country or territory in which you lived for six or more consecutive months since you turned 18.

If your application is accepted, the visa bureau will issue a permanent resident visa in your name. This visa includes your permanent resident confirmation and your entry visa. You are required to present both documents upon arriving in Canada. A permanent resident letter will subsequently be sent to you at the mailing address you provide.

Forms for step 2

On the Generic Application Form for Canada, be sure to indicate “skilled worker selected by Quebec” as the category under which you are applying (box 2).

Did you know ?

Immigration to Canada is divided into three main categories: family reunification, refugees and economic immigration. The latter category includes skilled workers, self-employed workers, entrepreneurs and investors. Some immigration procedures fall within the jurisdiction of the provincial government (Quebec), while the others fall within the jurisdiction of the federal government (Canada).